Under this bluee – Steve&Dem testo e video ufficiale

Votazioni chiuse per questa canzone Ecco il nuovo video di Steve&Dem che è stato pubblicato nel 2017. Il nome del brano è Under this bluee.


In a river full I am swimming baby
I can stay there much more than what you imagine
I can try to swim even though I’m singing
I want to love again
under this blue

Rit. Oooohh in your eyes I can see your troubles
every day I’m watching in and go
ohh ohh ohh
you and I in this sky forever
we can stand together in this light blue…. UNDER THIS BLUE….

You and I …oh yeah baby you don’t belive it
Oh yeah yeah … Rock and roll is my life with you
give up not yet…darling !
I don’t think that do come on see this love
what do you think about it now
Under this blue…

Music & Lyrics
Stefano Bolpagni

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