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Ecco il nuovo video di Peter And The Wolf che è stato pubblicato nel 2017. Il nome del brano è Eternal Second.

i belong to myself
i don’t need anymore a shell
a mask, a hype
as my conscience steps through time
but i’m tired to be shaped
as a hoax

he is my bad
my worst, my chain reaction,
the sadness, the pain,
of a eroding infection,
I share the same dreams
with my own bad twin.
but he will never posses me
cause I’ll make him slip out this time.

so now we are here,
face to face again,
together, a half of perfection,
the symmetry of my reflection.

face me this time, don’t turn around,
you laugh, you grin, you’ve broken the bounds.
empathy will not amuse me now.
you’re evil, lay down now.

you are my bad
my worst, my chain reaction.
the sadness, the pain,
of an eroding infection,
we share the the same dreams
but you’re the bad twin.
you will never posses me,
cause i’ll make you slip out this time.

purged by I scream
or I’m hoping to kill you like that.
chocked with a dream
I never thought I’d become this bad

we were brothers since morning
but this is true.
for the first time
broken apart in two

but you’re the problem, the bane.
the scar on my face.
a fiend, smitten of yourself
who want to steal all the memory from their place
biochemical change, healing time flows away
you’re shattered now
stage lights will finally bright up my show

so it’s time to go

I am what I am
needless to say
nigh arms, nigh legs,
which i’m tired to obey.
maybe i was not the best one.
maybe i was not the fairest one.

Moments last like eternal seconds,
wasting my time and eroding my mind
envy fought with all my efforts,
but now I am free with nothing else to bind

keep yelling, don’t care what you say
inside of a blank room you will obey
confined with no hope of breakthrough

you’re silenced now

as I slowly become the new you

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