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Ecco il nuovo video di Peter And The Wolf che è stato pubblicato nel 2017. Il nome del brano è Artica.

We both came from the same stream
driven by the same
we used to be together
dealing with the day

these voids in the stream have left us here in dry space
and the cold wind will cover us in a frozen hold

trapped in ice
i can’t see your face
all around me there’s no sound no emotions to be heard
remember my dear
our music, what we created
all that chords inside our hearts
those echoes lost and faded

look at you and what we became to ourselves
steal my breath, steal my hope to embrace you again

you try to erase my memory
betray me, deceive me.
believe me i’m not trying to desert you alone.

try to see me
try to displease me
try to cover your heart so you can’t hear me
try to fight
try to run
try to mask your feelings
from the skin to your bones
you’re turning artica.

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